This is how you upgrade your Ludwig (or Pro Music Composer) program by calling Activation -> Update in the Application Menu:

How to update Ludwig

Please install the update if you have a CD-version or if you downloaded earlier than the latest service pack date.

Version Nov 29, 2012:

  • 250 new songs in the song database.
  • Six new styles.
  • Better voice leading in fills and counter melodies.
  • Easy transfer of scores to external music editing software (e.g. Forte).
  • Mouse handling in melody entry improved, less dependent on the keyboard.

Version Jan 26, 2012:

  • Improved Midi Export.
  • Ensemble Accompaniment with extrem instrumental ranges could hang.
  • Some styles optimized.

Version Nov 30, 2011:

  • Change the metrum of a melody and scale all notes, e.g. 2/4 -> 4/4 oder 3/8 -> 3/4.
  • Composition of fills improved.
  • Improved anticipations in the rhythm group.
  • Improved accompaniments tied across bars in the rhythm group.
  • Refined some stiles and arrangements.
  • Introduced a variation for drama stages as an additional degree of freedom in arrangements.
  • MP3 now optional in 192kBit/s.
  • Style-Editor may remain open (modeless) while you browse the score.
  • Bug: Couldn't delete last bar in melodies with a pick up metrum.
  • Removed crash if inserting a chord behind the end of a melody line.

Version Aug 25, 2011:

  • Recording WAV and MP3 on Windows 7 and Vista now independent of sound card capabilities (using the Windows Audio Stack).

Das Update ist schnell heruntergeladen. Es ist nur 20MB groß, da es keine Änderungen an den Sounds enthält.