Automatic Arrangements

You enter a melody and Ludwig arranges it. The software composes accompaniments for a full band. The musical styles vary from classical four-part scores to Jazz, Latin, Pop and Rock.

You enter notes by keyboard or mouse. If you own a midi keyboard, entering melodies is as easy as playing them.

Automatic arranging with Ludwig still allows for an enormous creativity on your part. You control the emotional development of your song. You decide how to set contrasts and where to achieve a climax. Not all verses of your song should sound alike.

If you get deeper into the program, you control your arrangements by deciding which instruments should play together at a given drama stage. Ludwig knows more than a dozen ways to combine two or more instruments to play a melody. From trivial doubling to sectional writing, from small fills to full counter melodies, from four part choral writing to jazz guide lines.

Here is a selection of Ludwig's styles out of more than 50 possible choices: Pop, Pop Ballad, Rock, Rock Ballad, Big Ballad, Funk, Disco, House, Jazz Combo, Fast Swing, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Beguine, Tango, Klezmer, Folk, Polka, March, etc.

Arranging for Band is useful if you are writing your own song or if you need an accompaniment for playing or singing along. It was never easier to write your own songs!

Choral Arranging with Ludwig 3.0

Ludwig arranges a given melody for the four parts of a choir. The program applies about 50 rules of music theory and aims to write an independent and pleasing bass line.

Bach: "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden" as classical four-part arrangement (only in German, sorry).

Once you have set an "emotional plot" for your song, this is usable for any style. So it will take only a few clicks to create a new arrangement in a different style that shows the same contrast effects and emotional developments.